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Information and Communications Technology Technician

Professionally registered Information and Communications Technology Technicians (ICTTechs) work in a variety of environments.

These include, but are not limited to: offices, development labs, data and operational centres, field environments, customer premises and manufacturing.

They support a range of functions which utilise ICT solutions, and hardware and software components. Examples of functions include, but are not limited to: design, development, implementation, installation, operation, problem solving and security of ICT applications, products, services and/or infrastructures.


Registration is open to anyone who can demonstrate the required professional competences and commitment.

  • Typically, someone who has completed an ICT Advanced Apprenticeship or who has other ICT practitioner qualifications at Level 3 (SCQF 6) with appropriate working experience would be considered competent at this level.
  • Individuals without formal qualifications may also apply for ICTTech registration, by demonstrating they have acquired the necessary competence through substantial working experience.  SFIA Level 3 provides descriptions of typical responsibility levels and working relationships that reflect the level of competence required by ICTTechs. 

To check whether your academic qualification is approved for ICTTech please click here

The ICTTech Standard

The ICTTech Standard provides full details of qualifications and competences for ICTTech registration, together with examples of how these can be demonstrated.  It is published by the Engineering Council on behalf of the UK engineering profession.

The ICTTech Standard can be found here.

Why become professionally registered?

There are many reasons why engineers and technicians should achieve professional registration.  Click here to see the value of registration

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How to become professionally registered?

Read about the process of becoming professionally registered to find out what the next steps are

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ICT Technician Logo

ICTTech registrants are entitled to use the ICTTech logo on their email signature, business cards and stationery – find out more here

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