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The professional titles

The Engineering Council holds the national register for the professional titles:

The titles are all protected by civil law under our Royal Charter and can only be used by individuals currently on the national register.  Registration is renewable annually, through membership of a professional engineering institution.

Professional registration is open to everyone who can:

The professional title that an engineer or technician is eligible for is often indicated by their academic and vocational qualifications as they demonstrate a candidate’s level of knowledge and understanding. However, all round professional competence will be the deciding factor and there are ways for applicants without the relevant qualifications to demonstrate that they meet the criteria for their chosen title. These can be found in UK-SPEC for EngTech, IEng or CEng and in the ICTTech Standard for ICTTech.  Professional engineering institutions can provide further advice.

Find further information alongside the specific benefits and eligibility criteria for each professional title below:

Engineering Technician

The professional title for engineering technicians who can prove that they have the skills and experience to solve practical engineering problems

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Incorporated Engineer

The professional title for engineers responsible for managing and maintaining current and developing technologies in a practical and creative way

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Chartered Engineer

The professional title for engineers, engaged in technical and commercial leadership and problem solving through creativity and innovation

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Information Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech)

The professional title for ICT technicians who support and facilitate the use of ICT equipment and their applications by others

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Interim Registration

Interim registration is a useful start to your journey towards gaining professional registration.

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Registrant Logos

New individual registrant logos are now available and can be downloaded from here.

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