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Engineering has a vast impact on our everyday lives. It is central to the development of infrastructure, essential technologies, transport, energy, health, food and running water.

Professional registration for engineers and technicians underpins the systems and processes that ensure the current and future safeguarding of society. It provides employers, government and wider society – both in the UK and overseas – with confidence that registrants possess and maintain the knowledge, skills and commitment required to meet the engineering and technological needs of today, whilst also catering for the needs of future generations. Our vision is that society continues to have confidence and trust in the engineering profession.

As the regulatory body for the UK engineering profession, the Engineering Council sets and maintains the internationally recognised standards of professional competence and commitment by which individuals are assessed for professional registration. These are detailed in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC).

We operate under a Royal Charter to maintain these standards.  This includes licensing professional engineering institutions across all sectors of the profession to champion the standards and assess individual engineers and technicians for registration. We also work closely with partner organisations such as EngineeringUK, the Royal Academy of Engineering, government, employers and academia, trade associations and unions.

Please note that the Engineering Council is not a membership body.  Although we hold the national register of professional engineers and technicians, each individual listed is a member of a relevant professional engineering institution, through which they will have been assessed.

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