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Engineering Council Recognised Standard for Electrician EngTech

Engineers and technicians applying for professional registration are assessed against the standards of competence and commitment set out in UK-SPEC.

Assessment is carried out by one of the professional engineering institutions licensed by the Engineering Council for this purpose.

Licensed Institutions may contextualise the generic standards to meet the needs of particular technologies or industries with which they are concerned.  Where the standards are contextualised in this way, they may be published as 'Recognised Standards'.

These 'Recognised Standards' must be fully compliant with UK-SPEC. The assessment of competence and commitment must also fulfil the normal requirements of peer review, as described in UK-SPEC.

The first such Recognised Standard has been developed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). More information about this Electrician EngTech Standard is available on the IET website, including the competence statements and educational requirements.   

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