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What is RegCheck?




What if I am unable to find the registration that I am searching for?

There are several reasons why you may not have been able to find the registration that you are searching for. These include but are not limited to:

  • An individual may not hold an Engineering Council registration.
  • An individual’s Engineering Council registration may have lapsed.
  • The details entered do not exactly match any records found on the Engineering Council Register.

If you need assistance with your query, please contact our Registration Team by emailing

Can I check more than one registration at a time?

Unfortunately not as the purpose of RegCheck is to verify individual registrations only. However, please note that Registrants may hold more than one Engineering Council title; only the specific title searched for will be displayed if a matching record is found.

Can I use RegCheck to find an engineer or technician in my local area?

No, RegCheck is a tool for verifying an Engineering Council registration only. However a relevant Professional Engineering Institution may offer this service, please click here for links to their websites.

Does an active registration mean that the individual is currently ‘professionally active’?

No. Being an active registrant on the Engineering Council Register indicates an individual’s registration status; they may or may not be ‘professionally active’. Being ‘professionally active’ means undertaking any activity that entails the application of engineering competence, whether paid or voluntary. A registrant may have declared themselves inactive due to a number of circumstances such as retirement, sickness, childcare or other temporary leave of absence, or a period of furlough.

How do I make a complaint about a registrant?

To make a complaint about a registrant please contact the Professional Engineering Institution that the individual registered through directly. This information will be shown as part of the results that are displayed should a matching record be found. For information on how to contact the relevant Professional Engineering Institution please click here for links to their websites.

How do I report a potential misuse of Engineering Council title?

If you are concerned about an individual misusing an Engineering Council title, please contact our Governance Team by emailing


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