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The ‘I am an IEngineer’ campaign and logo

  'I am an IEngineer' logo - JPG
  'I am an IEngineer' logo - PNG

Research has shown that Incorporated Engineers value their professional registration and the role it plays in recognising their competence, commitment, professionalism and status within the engineering profession.

The research also highlights that many practising engineers have the relevant standards of knowledge and competence to become registered as Incorporated Engineers, but are often unaware of this opportunity to enhance their professional profile.

As a result, the Engineering Council and the professional engineering institutions are working to raise awareness of IEng and increase understanding of its value. You may have seen the ‘I am an IEngineer’ adverts in engineering magazines and journals and related content on social media.

In line with this drive a special email signature logo has been created for those already registered as Incorporated Engineers. This is available in two formats, which can be downloaded from the useful documents section at the end of this page, together with guidelines on how to use it.

Please use this signature logo to promote your professional status and maybe encourage others to follow your example.

Although this has been created for use with email signatures, IEngs can of course use it elsewhere if wished, such as on their business cards, letters, online profiles, etc.

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