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Working and Licensure in the USA

In the USA, each State has its own statutory requirements for regulating engineering practice that are the responsibility of State Licensing Boards. The requirements may restrict or prohibit the use of professional engineering titles awarded outside the state in question.

If you are intending to carry out engineering work in the USA, you are strongly advised to check whether you require licensure in order to carry out the activity legally. You should check with the State Licensing Board in every state where you intend to practise.

The Engineering Council is working with the National Council for Engineers and Engineering Surveyors (NCEES), to promote recognition and the development of comity provisions whereby professional licenses or qualifications awarded in other states or countries are recognised.


The Engineering Council and the Idaho Licensing Board have established a comity provision for the recognition of Chartered Engineers. To have your Chartered Engineer (CEng) title recognised you need to have:

  • eight years’ experience post CEng registration
  • confirmation of good standing and a clean disciplinary record
  • undergone all stages of the standard CEng assessment procedure

Chartered Engineers meeting the criteria may be granted exemptions from the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Professional Engineer (PE) exams.

Exemptions are granted at the discretion of the Idaho Licensing Board. Chartered Engineers who have been granted exemptions from parts of the assessment procedure may not be eligible.


If you are a registrant and want to use the comity provision, please email Engineering Council using to request confirmation of your registration, good standing and disciplinary record.

Please include:

  • your full name;
  • your Engineering Council registration number (or, if not known, your date of birth);
  • the name(s) of the institution(s) you are registered through, and
  • your membership number(s).

You should also clearly state that you give permission for the Engineering Council to request details of your disciplinary record from your professional engineering institution(s).

The Engineering Council will contact the professional engineering institution(s) concerned for confirmation of good standing. We will then issue a letter to the Idaho State Licensing Board.

Please visit the Idaho State Licensing Board website for more information about applying for licensure in Idaho.


The State of Texas Engineering Practice Act prohibits the use of the title ‘engineer’ by anyone not licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. The Texas Board has issued a Policy Advisory Opinion that titles awarded in other States may be used, provided it is made clear on any business card, letterhead or other document that includes a Texas address that the person is not licensed to practice in Texas.

If you are an Engineering Council registrant and wish to use your UK title in Texas you should include “UK” immediately after the title, and clearly state that you are not licensed in Texas:

eg A N Other, Chartered Engineer, UK (not licensed in Texas).

This provision does not enable UK engineers to practice professional engineering as set out in the Texas statute.

If you wish to practise engineering in Texas please contact the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

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