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Idaho, Recognition by comity

Is my CEng status recognized by the Idaho State Licensing Board?

You will need to have been continuously registered as a Chartered Engineer for at least 8 years and you should be in good standing with your institution and with the Engineering Council. You should have undergone all stages of the assessment procedure for Chartered Engineer registration in the UK.

How do I have my CEng status recognized by the Idaho State Licensing Board?

If you are a registrant and want to use the comity procedure, please email Engineering Council using to request confirmation of your registration, good standing and disciplinary record.

Please include:

  • your full name;
  • your Engineering Council registration number (or, if not known, your date of birth);
  • the name(s) of the institution(s) you are registered through, and
  • your institution membership number(s).

You should also clearly state that you give permission for the Engineering Council to request details of your disciplinary record from your professional engineering institution(s).

Do I need to be a resident of Idaho to be eligible for this CEng to PE recognition?

Engineers in the US should apply for licensure in all the States where they want to practice, so you do not need to be resident in a state to hold a license there.

Is this Idaho comity provision limited to civil engineers?

The comity provision for application is available to Chartered Engineers in all disciplines.

My membership/registration has lapsed; will this affect my application via the comity provision?

If there is a break shown in your Registration/Membership record, the Idaho State Licensing Board may not apply comity as we would not be able to confirm your disciplinary record during the lapsed period. If your Registration/Membership has been reinstated following a break, please check the status of your record with your institution.

Do I still need to fill out the formal PE application form for Idaho?

Our part in the process is simply to verify your registration status and disciplinary record. Please contact the Idaho State Licensing Board to confirm how to submit an application and what supporting material they require.

Is the Idaho comity provision available if I was given exemption from the Chartered Engineer professional review interview, through the European Directive or another Mutual Exemption Agreement?

Exemptions are given at the discretion of the Idaho State Licensing Board based on the components of the Chartered Engineer assessment process being comparable to the Idaho requirements. Therefore exemptions are unlikely to be given if you have not completed the Chartered Engineer registration process in full.

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