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Regulations for Registration (RfR), fourth edition

Regulations for Registration (RfR) sets out the regulations that Licensees of the Engineering Council must adhere to when registering applicants, recognising programmes of learning and development, and undertaking related processes. RfR version 4.2 was preceded by the Registration Code of Practice (RCoP v4.1).

Download the fourth edition of RfR.

Please note:

Throughout this document the term ‘Licensee’ is used to describe the engineering institutions that have been licensed by the Engineering Council board to assess individuals for professional registration. To become Licensees organisations must pass a rigorous process demonstrating, to the satisfaction of the Engineering Council Board, that they are competent to perform this task and to regulate the conduct of their members.

Additionally, Licensees can be Licensed to approve or accredit programmes of learning and competence development to specific standards.

Licensees are sometimes known informally as Professional Engineering Institutions, or PEIs. For a full and current list of Licensees please see

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