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Business Management System (BMS) Scope


The Engineering Council is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession with its office based in London, United Kingdom and remote working available to staff.


The scope of the Engineering Council’s Business Management System includes the key products and services associated with its role as the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession, namely, to hold the national registers of professional engineers and technicians and to set and maintain the internationally recognised standards of professional competence and ethics that govern the award and retention of these titles.


The Engineering Council was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1981 to regulate the engineering profession in the UK. It is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is advised by a number of executive committees. The core purpose is to set and maintain the internationally recognised standards for the UK engineering profession, found in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) and the ICTTech Standard.

The documents describe the competence and commitment criteria for the professional titles:

Organisation functions include Administration and Support, Education and Skills, Governance, ICT, International, Licensing, Marketing and Communications, Office Services, Operations, Professional Standards and Registration.

Key & Statutory Processes

The organisation Key Processes include:

Function Process Name
Administration & Support Payment of staff and suppliers
Governance Feedback to Privy Council Office on Institutions’ proposed changes to their constitution
Governance Manage and Develop the Charter & Bye Laws
Governance Business Continuity
Governance Strategic & Business Planning
International Maintain international recognition of standards of competence and commitment
Licensing Licence Review
MarComms Communication & Promotion
Professional Standards Maintaining the Standard
Registration Registration Process – New Registrants/Upgrades for Existing Registrants
Registration Reconciliation, Change of Information and Suspensions
Support Security - ICT
Support Security - Office Services

The Statutory Processes include:


Process Name

Administration & Support

Statutory Filing and Payments

Administration & Support

GDPR: Data Breach

Administration & Support

GDPR: Subject Access Request

Administration & Support

GDPR: Withdrawal of Consent

Administration & Support

GDPR: Data Transfer

Office Services

Health & Safety Risk Assessment


We seek external provision for ICT support, financial management services and legal representation. Our executive committees are comprised of volunteers from the engineering profession and their expert knowledge enables the building and sharing of knowledge and good practice and helps to shape strategy and policy.

Key Products & Services

Our Business Management System (BMS) provides our stakeholders with a range of key products and services which include:





Recognised Standard


EUR ING Registration

Registration Code of Practice



Partner Portal


Human Resources (inc payroll and expenses)









Engineering Council License


Engineering Council Website


Strategic Plan


Organisation Business Plan



This organisation is excluded from requirement 8.3 Design and development of products and services of ISO 9001:2015 Standard.


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