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There were 222,914 people on the Register in 2023.

After an increase in the number of final stage registrants in 2018 and 2019, this took a downward turn in 2020. It has decreased by 2.4% since then.

8,539 people joined the Register in 2023, and 11,685 left it. 

The retention rate in 2023 was 95.6%.

This is the second-highest retention rate in the past six years. During this time it has consistently remained between 95% and 96%.

Age and gender

In 2023, nearly a third of registrants were aged 50-64, and more than a quarter were aged 65 or above. Overall, the proportion of younger registrants is increasing over time.

While the vast majority of registrants in 2023 were men (92.2%) the proportion of women is increasing year-on year.

The average age at which people join the Register is 33. The average age at which they leave is 59.


There were 225,785 titles recorded on the Register in 2023.

While a large majority of titles are held in the UK, 25% were held outside the UK in 2023.

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