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European Engineer (EUR ING) registration

ENGINEERS EUROPE (formerly FEANI) operates the European Engineer (EUR ING) Register.

To apply for EUR ING registration in the UK you must be a member of a professional engineering institution and registered as a Chartered Engineer or Incorporated Engineer with the Engineering Council.

Candidates can apply for EUR ING registration via the application tool on ENGINEERS EUROPE website. This is for first-time applications only. 

There is an initial application fee of £245, once a submitted application is complete the applicant will be contacted by the Registration Team with details of how to make the payment.

EUR ING registration must be renewed every five years. Candidates registered from January 2023 will be required to submit five years of CPD upon renewal; the renewal fee is expected to be £145 in 2028. 

EUR INGs who registered before January 2023 will not be required to submit CPD upon renewal and will continue to pay the renewal fee at the pre-2023 rate. The Registration Team will contact you when your renewal is due.

All applications for EUR ING registration are assessed by ENGINEERS EUROPE’s European Monitoring Committee (EMC). The assessment process may take up to six months; or longer if an application is incomplete or the EMC requests further information.

EUR ING registration recognises a combination of education, training and experience amounting to a minimum of seven years. Competence based routes are also recognised. 

EUR ING registrants are entitled to use the title EUR ING. The UK Privy Council has approved the use of this title as a pre-nominal and the Passport Agency will accept EUR ING as a title for use on passports. It should always be written in capitals, in front of the name and any other ranks and titles eg EUR ING J Smith CEng.

The EUR ING title is recognised by the European Commission, in a statement to the European Parliament, as a valuable tool for the recognition of national qualifications among member states.

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