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Global Responsibility Competency Compass

The Engineering Council has endorsed the Global Responsibility Competency Compass introduced by Engineers Without Borders UK, to address the sustainability skills gap in engineering. The tool provides guiding principles and competencies to ensure engineers are equipped to deliver globally responsible solutions

Introduction to the Compass

The Global Responsibility Competency Compass points practitioners towards the capabilities they will need to stay relevant and provides practical ways to develop themselves.

This product was created by Engineers Without Borders UK, developed with the support of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and endorsed by the Engineering Council.

It has been designed for practitioners from multiple disciplines working in engineering who are looking for ways to respond effectively to our age's complexity, uncertainty and challenges. It empowers engineers and their wider teams to lead innovation that benefits people and the planet. 

The Compass helps identify team competencies, articulate the value of a multidisciplinary team, and helps learning and development support for all employees.

Competency Compass


For individuals - Identify your strengths and any gaps in the skills you need for your role, develop a clear action plan, access practical learning resources and keep ahead of updates to professional standards.

For teams - Reflect on your strengths as a team and value the contributions of a diverse group of practitioners to ensure projects deliver sustainable, equitable and ethical results.

For companies - Identify dynamic learning opportunities for all staff, support the development of motivated and committed teams, demonstrate your responsibility as an employer, and help your staff meet and retain professional qualification requirements.

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