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WG1 Reports and annexes

In this section you will find all of the final documents from Working Group 1 (WG1 Engineers) which were used to produce the Competence Steering Group (CSG)'s interim report Raising the Bar.


Annex A Lead contributors.pdf Annex B Barriers to delivery.pdf
Annex C RIBA plan of work.pdf Annex D Definition of Lead Engineer.pdf
Annex E1 Proposal for safety management system.pdf Annex E2 Visit report - description of commercial building for safety case review rev A.pdf
Annex E2 Visit reports.pdf Annex F1 Engineering professional competence framework guidance.pdf
Annex F2 Engineering professional competence framework.pdf Annex F3 Engineering competence system.pdf
Annex G UK-SPEC third edition.pdf Annex H EngC and RAEng Statement of Ethical Principles.pdf
Annex I Extract from CDM role of PD.pdf Annex J Bowtie analysis - fire in HRRB (Sheryl Hurst, Risktec Solutions Ltd, 2018) .pdf
IRG-CSG Final report - WG1 Engineers.pdf  


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