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The Engineering Council produces guidance material covering a range of topics to support professional engineers and technicians in meeting their professional obligations.

Guidance on Sustainability

Professionally registered engineers and technicians are required to carry out their work in a way that contributes to sustainable development, as outlined in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC)

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Guidance on Risk

Risk is inherent in the activities undertaken by engineering professionals, meaning that members of the profession have a significant role to play in managing and limiting it

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Statement of Ethical Principles

This document sets out four fundamental principles that guide professional engineers and technicians in achieving the high ideals of professional life

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Guidance on Whistleblowing

Engineers and technicians should understand their professional obligations with respect to whistleblowing and know where to go for guidance and advice

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Guidance on Security

Six principles to guide engineers and technicians in identifying, assessing, managing and communicating issues about security

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