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Interim Registration

Interim registration is a useful start to your journey towards gaining professional registration. It can give you an edge over other recently graduated engineers when applying for jobs.

Interim registration is available to aspiring engineers and technicians in the initial professional development stage of a career in engineering. It demonstrates your enthusiasm, drive and commitment to your career and the profession and to developing the professional competence required for full registration. Interim registration confirms that you have completed learning that provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding for your chosen professional title.

To attain interim registration you will need to:

Following successful assessment, your institution will make an interim registration application to the Engineering Council, who will issue you with an interim registration certificate for the relevant professional title.

Learning includes formal qualifications that have been accredited or approved by the Engineering Council, or are recognised under one of the international engineering education Accords, as well as individually assessed learning.

If you hold a formal qualification in engineering, you can check whether it is approved or accredited by the Engineering Council by checking one of our databases of engineering degrees or technicians apprenticeships or qualifications. These can be found here.

Please note that not all institutions offer interim registration. If you are interested in becoming an interim registrant please contact your institution to check whether they offer this option.

What next?

Having demonstrated that you have the underpinning knowledge and understanding, achieving full professional registration will involve development of your knowledge, competence and understanding of engineering principles through work experience.

Further information about what is required can be found in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC).

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