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Newly registered engineers

The Engineering Council has for some years published a quarterly listing of newly registered in The Telegraph (for England and Wales) and The Scotsman (for Scotland), as well as on our own website.

However, the new publication price requested by The Telegraph for 2018 amounted to a 600% increase on the previous rate. After our review of the proposed increase, we do not believe the cost to value proposition can be justified as a prudent use of registrants’ fees and the Engineering Council has therefore discontinued these listings. Listings scheduled for 1 March 2018 were only published on the Engineering Council’s website. 

The incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which we believe requires specific consent from each registrant to publish their details, would alone make it difficult to continue to provide such a listing. Because of the likelihood of having multiple registrants with similar names (for example, more than one J. Smith of ICE), this listing doesn’t provide true transparency for the public, as readers can’t with certainty identify an individual. The Engineering Council has accordingly stopped publishing details of new registrants and did not publish a listing on 7 June 2018.

We are putting in place plans to publicly recognise the achievement of new registrants and to enable the registration status of an engineer to be verified, which include working towards a publicly searchable Register.

If you need to verify the registration of an engineer, please email your request to and provide the following information:
full name, date-of-birth, institution membership number and Engineering Council registration number.

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