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Your Journey to Professional Registration

Published: 08/07/2016


This animation takes you through your journey to becoming professionally registered as an Engineering Technician, Incorporated Engineer, Chartered Engineer or ICT Technician. It explains the requirements needed and benefits to you, to your employer and to society as a whole.

As an engineer or technician, you are a vital part of society. Whether you’re working in traditional sectors of engineering  or in new technologies you play an essential role in everyday life.

Daily millions of people entrust their health and personal safety to products and applications that you develop, so it is important that they are confident that you possess the right knowledge and skills, and that you have the relevant professional experience. 

Professional registration with the Engineering Council as an Engineering Technician, Incorporated Engineer, Chartered Engineer or ICT Technician demonstrates that you have met the standard that gives the public, employers and their clients that confidence.

 As the regulatory body for the UK engineering profession, we work with professional engineering institutions, to set and maintain internationally recognised standards of competence and commitment. 

Professional registration is a key milestone in your career. 

To begin, you must belong to one of the professional engineering institutions licensed by the Engineering Council to assess members for registration. 

There are various pathways to registration; to achieve it, you’ll need to demonstrate the required competence and commitment, set out in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence.   

Your competence will be assessed in terms of your knowledge, skills and attitude, including areas such as responsibility and leadership, and your communications and inter-personal skills. 

You must also demonstrate your commitment to society and to your profession. This includes complying with professional codes of conduct and making an active contribution to wider professional goals. 

Professional registration provides you with an internationally recognised benchmark confirming you are a 21st Century world-class professional. Someone who has the right habit of MIND to demonstrate: 

  • Motivation to succeed and inspire
  • Initiative to learn and develop your competence beyond threshold standards
  • Nimbleness and flexibility in everything you do
  • Decency to do the right thing with integrity

 For employers, encouraging staff to achieve professional registration provides: 

  • Confirmation that employees meet globally recognised standards of competence
  • A workforce committed to maintaining and enhancing competence
  • Enhanced customer confidence
  • Reduced risk by adherence to codes of conduct 

Finally, society can have confidence in the work that you do both in the UK and around the world.

To begin your professional registration journey and join the hundred of thousands of professionally registered engineers and technicians, find out more about how to register.


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