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Professionally registered engineers continue to outearn their non-registered colleagues

Published: 21/06/2019

Engineers and technicians imageFor the second consecutive year, professionally registered engineers and technicians have reported higher average salaries than their unregistered colleagues according to the 2019 Salary Survey produced by The Engineer.

The mean average salary for professionally registered respondents is £55,968, compared to £45,809 amongst those who are not professionally registered. This salary difference can be seen across all sectors of engineering and at every career level beyond Graduate Trainee/Apprentice, where salaries appear consistent.

Alasdair Coates, CEO of the Engineering Council said, “Professional registration recognises your competence and demonstrates your commitment to employers and clients; these responses indicate the impact registration may have on earning potential. The Engineering Council has noted the higher average salaries reported by professionally registered engineers across all sectors for another year.”

In a change from 2018, the biggest salary difference was for engineers working in the Telecomms and Utilities and Electronics sectors, where professional registration saw an average difference of almost £18,000. The difference was also pronounced in the Energy/Renewable and Nuclear sectors, with a £13,000 difference between registered and non-registered respondents.

The first step towards professional registration is joining one of the professional engineering institutions licensed by the Engineering Council; they can then advise you on the best way forward for your specific circumstances.

Alasdair Coates said: “Registrants consistently tell us that becoming professionally registered has increased their credibility, helped them gain promotion or win more business. These responses confirm what we saw in the same survey last year, that professional registration may also boost salary, demonstrating that it is an investment in your future.”

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Notes for editors:

The Engineering Council holds the national Register of Engineering Technicians (EngTech), Incorporated Engineers (IEng), Chartered Engineers (CEng) and Information and Communication Technology Technicians (ICTTech). It also sets and maintains the internationally recognised standards of competence and ethics that govern the award and retention of these titles. By this means it is able to ensure that employers, government and wider society, both at home and overseas, can have confidence in the skills and commitment of registrants. For more information visit: