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IChemE offers expert support to government in response to the coronavirus

Published: 25/03/2020

Team of researchers in sterile suits working in an industrial laboratoryThe Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has volunteered its professional support to the UK government to help deal with the impact of the coronavirus. The organisation brings together a wealth of specialist knowledge in areas including the pharmaceutical and biochemical industries, which could be especially useful at this current time.

IChemE has written to the government offering their skills in areas including vaccine, therapeutic and diagnostic manufacturing. The organisation also has active special interest groups focusing on pharmaceutical and biochemical manufacturing. As the response to COVID-19 will need a multi-disciplinary approach. IChemE members have proposed working alongside other professionals to establish what types of support are most needed and identify the most effective process to deliver the response.

Stephen Richardson, IChemE President, said: “The Institution and its membership stand ready to work closely with the government and other professional bodies to use skills developed over the decades to play its part at this critical time.”