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BCS Manifesto sets vision for technology through ethics, education, and equity

Published: 10/06/2024

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has stated that the upcoming UK General Election is the first where the government will need a vision for how computing will transform the lives of everyone in the UK, as well as the economy.

Given the crucial role of technology in public services, digital leaders now have more opportunities than ever to benefit society.

The Post Office Horizon IT scandal demonstrated the high cost of systemic failures in upholding the highest standards of accountability and responsibility in the use of computing.

In its new manifesto, BCS has outlined three main priorities for the next UK government:

  1. IT leaders and professionals should prove their accountability by being professionally registered.
  2. There should be universal access to computing and digital education with the creation of a computing and digital literacy qualification, equivalent to the GCSE.
  3. Closing the diversity gap in information technology can solve many of its issues around trust, bias and safety.

BCS has recommended that the future government should implement new regulations to ensure the safe, responsible, and ethical development of technology moving forward.

To read the full manifesto, please visit the BCS website.