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HE Bulletin - Autumn 2021

Updated Guidance on Risk & new resources on Security

Published: 05/11/2021

Icons of a padlock and a gauge pointing towards the red section labelled 'risk'As the profession’s regulator, the Engineering Council produces guidance on topics, reflecting both current and future needs, to support individual engineers and technicians. This includes those at all career stages and includes engineering students.

Risk is an inherent part of all engineering activities, so it is essential that all engineers and technicians are able to identify, assess, understand and appropriately manage risk. It is also crucial to be able to communicate about risk to others, both professionals and the public. 

To support this, the Engineering Council has issued updated ‘Guidance on Risk’. This guidance is suitable for engineering professionals across all sectors and specialisms. The ‘Guidance on Risk’ describes the role of all those engaged in engineering in dealing with risk and their responsibilities to society, and sets out key pricniples for managing risk.

To enhance the existing ‘Guidance on Security’, which is available to all those working in (or studying) engineering, further resources have now been added to support application of this Guidance. Those additional materials emphasise the increasingly central role of data security and cyber security.

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