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Engage - January 2021

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications

Published: 27/01/2021

The EU Directive on MRPQ was established in order to make it easier for EU/EEA countries to recognise each other’s professional qualifications. From 1 January, 2021 this legislation will no longer apply to the UK. UK professionals seeking recognition in EU/EEA countries will now be treated as third country nationals and recognition will be based on the applicable rules of each individual EU/EEA country.

The scope of regulation and details of activities which may require registration can found in the EU Single Market Regulated Professions Database. In most EU/EEA countries, registration is not compulsory in order to work as an engineer and we have no reason to believe that applications for recognition will be refused.

Previous recognition decisions concerning UK professionals, that were made when the UK was a member of the EU, continue to be valid. This means that engineers who, for example, were awarded an EU/EEA professional title before 1 January 2021 are still entitled to use that title.

For individuals with an EU/EEA/Swiss qualification, the Recognition of Professional Qualifications Amendment (EU Exit) Regulations (2019) came into effect from 1 January 2021 and provides a route for professionals seeking recognition in the UK.

Please see our Brexit transition webpage for further information for individuals and busineses.