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Engage - January 2020

More young people would consider a career in engineering

Published: 30/01/2020

Young women engineer designs car © This is Engineering)The proportion of 16-19 year olds who would consider a career in engineering has increased significantly since 2016 (45% compared to 37%), according to the Engineering Brand Monitor, published by EngineeringUK.

The Engineering Brand Monitor is an annual survey carried out by EngineeringUK, and this year’s results provide cause for optimism. The report indicates that young people who participate in more STEM engagement activities know more about engineering and those that know more about engineering are more likely to consider a career in it. ​

The majority of teachers and parents, key influencers in young people’s decision making, held positive views of engineering. 80% of STEM secondary teachers and 68% of parents believed a career in engineering would be desirable for their pupils or children.

However, work is still needed to improve young people’s knowledge, perceptions and understanding of engineering, particularly among girls. There are clear gender differences across the board, with girls being less likely than boys to know about engineering, to view it positively, to consider a career in the industry or know what to do next in order to become an engineer. They are also less likely to believe they could become an engineer if they wanted to. 

Dr Hilary Leevers, Chief Executive of EngineeringUK, said:

“The Engineering Brand Monitor provides a unique insight into how STEM is viewed by young people, educators and other influencers.

“The latest results reveal that young people place high importance on ‘having an impact’ and ‘being valued’ when deciding upon a career - STEM outreach should emphasise the great and wide-ranging contributions that engineers make to society."

(Image © This is Engineering)