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Engineers Without Borders UK launches new strategy

Engineers Without Borders UK launches new strategy

Published: 21/07/2016

Engineers Without Borders UK has launched a new five year strategy 'Engineering Change'. It sets out a new and ambitious direction for the organisation that has had a major presence in universities and companies throughout the country for the past 15 years. The strategy lays out a path for Engineers Without Borders UK to lead a movement that inspires, enables and influences global responsibility through engineering. The organisation is committed to continue working in higher education and to do more in the professional community with key stakeholder groups, in recognition of the important role engineering plays in addressing global challenges. More information is available here:

In a thought piece for Engineers Without Borders UK, in response to the new strategy, Engineering Council CEO Jon Prichard said: “The question that we must ask ourselves is: who will lead society to a brighter future? Global leadership has to start somewhere. EWB presents a compelling argument that engineers and engineering have a vital role to play in this respect. This shouldn’t be a surprise. From our personal experience, we know that a doctor may only save lives patient by patient, whereas an engineer, through the provision of sanitation for example, can save lives community by community.”

To read the full article, please visit Engineering change - 'it's the economy stupid'

Engineering Change - strategy