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Supporting your employees to become professionally registered

Employers are likely to carry the greatest influence on an individual’s decision to become professionally registered. Supporting your employees in achieving this recognition brings value to them and to your organisation.

There are many ways to promote the value of professional registration among your employees. Below are some suggestions:

Display professional titles publicly

Displaying your employees’ professional titles and post-nominal letters on notice boards in your reception area will demonstrate a high level of professionalism to your clients and customers.

By encouraging employees to add their post-nominal letters to their business cards and communications e.g. email signatures, you demonstrate that their achievement is recognised and valued.

Pay employees’ membership and registration fees

Paying fees is clear evidence that you place real value on the professional development of your employees. Engineering Council research shows a year-on-year increase in the number of registrants whose employers assist with the fee.  You might find that this investment is repaid through staff loyalty and retention.

Get your graduate scheme accredited

If your organisation provides structured workplace development - sometimes called a graduate scheme or training scheme - and it aligns with the standards for professional registration (UK-SPEC and ICTTech Standard), you can consider having it approved or accredited. This means your staff are assured your scheme provides assessment and certification of achievement, and will support them in working towards professional registration. 


Sponsor employee education

Encourage your staff to study for qualifications that count towards professional registration.  If you have a training budget, offer to pay some or all of the costs on their behalf.

Promote registration and membership internally

Boost awareness by promoting institution membership and registration through internal communications, such as staff newsletters.  Display your employees’ professional titles and/or post-nominal letters on staff boards and intranets to demonstrate that they are valued.  Professional engineering institutions can support you with promotional literature and information that details the benefits and processes.  These can be circulated and/or placed on noticeboards.

Collaborate with institutions to support the registration process

Some of the professional engineering institutions offer on-site workshops and surgeries on professional registration and the professional review process.  By working with one or more of the institutions you can put your employees in touch with advisers and mentors to support them through the application process.

Offer mentor schemes

The advice that can be passed from your already registered employees is invaluable. They can share their knowledge, sponsor other employees and assist in the application process. Allowing your employees to act as mentors and ambassadors for professional registration contributes towards their own CPD! Many of the professional engineering institutions can provide help with training and support for mentors.

Encourage employees to use networking opportunities

The professional engineering institutions offer members the chance to network with others working in their discipline. Encourage your employees to take up the opportunity to network at these events. This promotes the sharing of good practice and techniques whilst boosting your own presence and reputation in the industry. It also helps staff to stay up-to-date with industry trends and issues.

Encourage CPD opportunities

Members of professional engineering institutions receive support and advice for CPD through professional journals, technical briefings, events and news.  Many also provide online systems to plan, record and review Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  By encouraging your employees to engage with an institution they can remain up-to-date and committed to your area of business.

Getting your qualifications and apprenticeships approved

Imparting industry relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours to your students, apprentices or employees through high quality provision is crucial to ensuring your reputation and success.

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Getting your training programmes approved

IPD usually refers to the workplace development that takes place before becoming professionally registered; many carry out their IPD through structured programmes such as a graduate training scheme.  These employer schemes may be accredited or approved by one or more of the professional engineering institutions.

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