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External Quality Assurance for apprenticeships

The Engineering Council actively supports the delivery of high quality apprenticeships that meet the needs of employers and apprentices, support individuals on their journey towards professional registration, and assure the public about the competence of those who are successful.

Employers are able to nominate the Engineering Council as the provider of quality assurance (known as External Quality Assurance or EQA) for engineering-related Trailblazer Apprenticeships.  The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (IfATE) website sets out the quality assurance requirements for apprenticeships and how this will ensure quality, consistency and credibility.

The Engineering Council is the most appropriate body to carry out this quality assurance for engineering-related apprenticeships, because it currently licenses thirty five professional engineering institutions to carry out the assessment of individuals seeking registration, in accordance with required Engineering Council standards and prescribed processes. These standards apply across the profession, regardless of sector or discipline, making the Engineering Council the sole UK body that can assure consistency and quality of assessment of professional standards across the professional engineering institutions. 

In line with the Engineering Council’s role and remit, its quality assurance activity will be limited to professional competence.  It will work in partnership so that other elements of the assessment, such as occupational competence, are quality assured by bodies with that expertise.

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