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As an employer of engineers and technicians, are you aware of the value a professionally registered workforce can bring?

Recruitment and retention of the very best staff is crucial for ensuring your organisation’s reputation, business success and bottom line. Appointing professionally registered engineers and technicians helps you to overcome the complications and uncertainty often associated with recruitment of technically skilled and experienced staff.

The men and women listed on the national register of engineers and technicians as:

will have had their education, training, skills and experience independently assessed. This provides you with a benchmark of assurance that they have the competence and commitment that may be fundamental to your company’s success. 

With a professionally registered workforce you can also be confident that your employees are committed to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and a code of conduct set out by a professional engineering institution. In addition, they will have the means to keep their skills up to date and relevant.

On top of this, supporting the professional registration of your employees will show that you are committed to their career development. This in turn will increase their job satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

For more information on the value of professional registration, and how you can take advantage of the value it offers, please click on the links below:

Standards of professional registration

The engineering community, and general society, place great faith in the engineering profession. The Engineering Council has worked for many years with other professional bodies, employers and engineering educators in the UK to develop and maintain globally recognised and trusted standards for professional engineers and technicians. These standards are published in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) and the ICTTech Standard.

By ensuring that your workforce meets these professional standards, you can ensure that the trust in your organisation is maintained by the engineering community and the public.

Many employers already use these standards as a framework for their own in-house training and development programmes.

What help is provided for employers?

Through partnerships with education providers, and working with professional engineering institutions to have your own training programmes approved as counting towards professional registration, you can further enhance the reputation of your company.  Please contact the professional engineering institution(s) or Professional Affiliate(s) most relevant to your industry for further information.

Eligibility requirements for you and your staff

Professional registration is not just for existing engineering graduates or those who can commit to a full time degree. There are a range of pathways to EngTechICTTechIEng or CEng that you and your staff could consider.

Registration is based on each individual demonstrating a certain level of competence and commitment. The UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) describes these requirements and includes examples of activities that could demonstrate their achievement. This enables potential applicants to find out whether they meet the registration requirements.  It also helps them to plan their professional development.

Competence is generally developed through a combination of formal and informal learning, and training and experience. Applicants without formal learning are able to demonstrate the necessary competence through working experience.

The first step in becoming professionally registered is to join a professional engineering institution. You can do this through a corporate membership or individual employees can join the institution most relevant to their line of work. Institution staff will provide tailored advice on membership options, routes to registration and the requirements, specific to your industry.

The value of professional registration to employers

Discover how a professionally registered workforce can add value to your organisation

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Supporting your employees to become professionally registered

Find out how you can work with institutions, education providers and your employees to enhance your organisation

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Professional registration

Discover the definitions and criteria of the titles EngTech, ICTTech, IEng and CEng

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Professional Engineering Institutions and Professional Affiliates

Contact the institutions in your sector for tailored information on employee membership and registration and approval of training programmes

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UK-SPEC and the ICTTech Standard

The Engineering Council’s Standards describe the value of professional registration and enable you to find out whether your employees meet the requirements

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Work-based degree programmes for your staff

Tailored, flexible Bachelors and Masters degree programmes which are designed around the needs of a learner, employer, university and accreditation are available through the Engineering Gateways scheme

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