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Information and Communications Technology Technician Standard

The Information and Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech) Standard outlines the competence and commitment requirements for registration as an Information and Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech). It also includes examples of activities that demonstrate the required competence and commitment.

ICTTech Standard 3rd edition cover

In an increasingly mobile and data driven world, ICT technicians are needed to help design, develop, install and operate ICT solutions. The ICTTech Standard has been designed to support demand for the professional registration of competent technicians in this vital field.

There are five generic areas of competence and commitment for all registrants, which are expanded in the Standard:

The areas above are set out in more detail in the ICTTech Standard, constituting the threshold generic standards for achieving ICTTech status. This assists potential registrants, their advisers and professional review interviewers in deciding whether they are eligible for professional registration. 

The Engineering Council sets and maintains the ICTTech Standard on behalf of the UK engineering profession. It was developed in collaboration with Sector Skills Council representatives, employers of ICT technicians, relevant professional institutions and ICT technicians themselves. The standard is periodically reviewed and following the most recent review, the third edition was published in August 2021, with an implementation deadline of 31 March 2022.

Download the third edition

You can download the latest edition of the ICTTech Standard here, which has an implementation deadline of 31 March 2022. 

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Download the second edition

You can download the second edition of the ICTTech Standard here – professional reviews must be conducted in line with this edition from February 2016

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Download the first edition

A transition period of two years means that if your professional review is before February 2016, you should seek advice from your institution as your review may be carried out in line with the first edition of the ICTTech standard, which can be downloaded here

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ICTTech second edition: key revisions

A summary of the alterations and updates made to the second edition is available here

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Become a member of an institution that can guide you to ICTTech registration

The IET and IHE are licensed to award the ICTTech and Professional Affiliate ITP has registration agreements in place to provide their members with a route to ICTTech registration

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