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I have other questions on professional registration

I am an engineer and have just moved to the UK. Do I need to register in order to work?

Engineers do not require a licence to practise in the UK. However, professional registration would be of great benefit and shows that you meet certain professional standards. You can read more about the value of registration here.

How can other people (such as my employer or potential clients) verify my professional registration with the Engineering Council?

Your professional registration can be verified through our online tool RegCheck. The person checking will need to know:

  • your full name
  • which professional title you hold (such as Chartered Engineer or ICTTech)
  • either your date of birth or your Engineering Council registration number

I have gained a qualification outside the UK. Is there a UK equivalent?

Please contact UK-ENIC, the national agency responsible for providing information and advice about how qualifications and skills from overseas compare to the UK's national qualification frameworks. They can compare your qualifications and provide you with simple and officially recognised documents which explain the level of your qualification:

  • a letter of comparability; providing information on the comparable level of your qualifications to UK standards
  • a career path report; an in-depth report describing one of your qualifications and the education system in which you studied.

UK-ENIC letters of comparability are useful when applying for jobs in the UK as they provide clear indicators of your education level in UK terms. These letters do not, however, provide exemption from elements of the registration process, although some institutions do use them as part of their assessment.

UK-ENIC can be contacted via their website or by telephone at +44 (0)330 912 0030.

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