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Engineering Council Examinations

Where can I find out about the Engineering Council examination?

From 2001 until 2011 the Engineering Council examinations were administered by City & Guilds of London.

The Engineering Council Examination ceased to be available after 2011, with one last re-sit opportunity offered by City & Guilds in May 2012. A joint Engineering Council and City & Guilds statement about the cessation of the Engineering Council Examination after 2011 was publicised and is available here.

I want to ask a question about my Engineering Council examination. Who should I contact?

Past candidates who have undertaken any part of the Engineering Council examination and wish to request affirmation of achievement or have any other queries should contact City & Guilds at

What is the education level of the Engineering Council examination?

The Engineering Council Part 2 examination/Graduate Diploma is at the level of a UK Bachelors degree with honours. This is level 6 in the UK Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The Engineering Council Postgraduate Diploma is at the level of a UK Masters in Engineering programme. This is level 7 in the UK Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Is the Engineering Council examination an accredited programme?

No. The examination is not a programme, so it cannot be accredited. For the purposes of registration it is treated as a ‘substantially equivalent qualification’.

Is the Engineering Council examination recognised under the Washington or Sydney Accord?

No. The Washington and Sydney Accords recognise accredited engineering and engineering technology education programmes respectively. Since the Engineering Council examinations are not programmes they are not accredited by the UK professional engineering institutions. They are accepted and used by the UK professional engineering institutions as an alternative means to demonstrate the underpinning knowledge and understanding requirements for registration. They are also accepted by some Washington and Sydney Accord signatories as a recognised pathway to meeting the academic requirements. However, not all signatories accept them nor do they accept all combinations of subjects sat. You should contact the signatory you wish to apply to for further information.

Can I still sit the Engineering Council examination?

No, the Engineering Council and City & Guilds decided to withdraw the examination in 2011. 

City & Guilds has developed a Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma 9210 suite of higher level qualifications. These may be suitable for learners who were planning to take the Engineering Council Graduate Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma examinations (9107), or who took some of the units but did not manage to complete the required units for certification before the examinations were closed. This Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma 9210 suite of higher level qualifications were not developed with the Engineering Council’s involvement and cannot therefore be endorsed by the Engineering Council. City & Guilds has liaised with a number of discipline-specific engineering institutions to ensure the qualifications are aligned with the registration requirements for Incorporated Engineer (for the Graduate Diploma) and Chartered Engineer (for the Postgraduate Diploma). 

For further information, please contact City & Guilds at or visit the City & Guilds website

Please do not contact the Engineering Council about these qualifications as we are unable to provide advice.

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