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Registration Fees

Registration fees are paid annually to the professional engineering institution through which you are registered with the Engineering Council.

2022 Annual Registration Fees

Title  Final Stage Interim Stage Retired/Hardship (Final Stage Only)*
CEng £ 41.72 £14.90 £18.87
IEng £35.40 £14.90 £15.70
EngTech £20.30 £14.90 £9.00
ICTTech £20.30 £14.90 £9.00
*Criteria for the payment of reduced fees are at the discretion of the registrant’s professional engineering institution


2022 Registration Entry Fee

Title Final Stage Interim Stage
CEng £54.25 £11.12
IEng £45.80 £11.12
EngTech £18.77 £11.12
ICTTech £18.77 £11.12


2022 International Registration Fees


2022 European Engineer (EUR ING) Fees

 Title Application  Renewal (5 yearly)  Retired/Hardship Renewal (5 yearly) *
 EUR ING  £210.00  £54.00  £27.00
*Criteria for the payment of reduced fees are at the discretion of the Engineering Council  

The Engineering Council will invite those with the EUR ING title to re-register every five years.

2022 International Register Fees

Title  Application Renewal (5 yearly)
IntET(UK) £105.00 £60.00
IntPE(UK) £105.00 £60.00


International Professional Engineer IntPE(UK) and International Engineering Technologist IntET(UK) registration is renewable every five years. Renewal requires demonstration of continued responsibility of significant engineering work and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the period.


How the fees are used 

Initially the fees are paid to the institution through which you are registered.  The institution then passes them on to EngineeringUK who in turn make a grant to the Engineering Council, to keep the standards under review, operate the register and quality assure the licensed institutions. The remaining sum is used by EngineeringUK to promote the engineering profession. This includes producing the Engineering UK report and supporting the Tomorrow's Engineers programme and The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair.

Lapsed registration

A registrant may be reinstated within three years of lapsing, but will be required to pay an administrative fee. If the registration has lapsed for more than three years, the individual must reapply to one of the institutions and will be subject to a full professional review. 

HMRC offers guidance on claiming tax relief on fees or subscriptions you pay to approved professional organisations.

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