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Information for Awarding Organisations

A handbook is available below to assist organisations that are developing knowledge-focused technician-related qualifications and wish to seek approval that these meet the Engineering Council’s standards for technician (EngTech and ICTTech) level knowledge and understanding.

It sets out the learning outcomes that must be met for Technician registration, the requirements for approval and the evidence that professional engineering institutions will seek in order to confer approved status. It also includes mapping tools and a glossary. 

An Awarding Organisation with an engineering profession approved qualification may declare that the qualification has been peer reviewed by one or more professional engineering institutions, under licence from the Engineering Council, and approved as meeting the required standards for a given professional title.

Approved qualifications are listed on the Engineering Council’s Database of Technician Qualifications. The Engineering Council Approved qualification logo may be displayed on promotional materials directly associated with the specific qualification that has been approved, and on associated website pages.

How to get qualifications and apprenticeships approved

Please contact the relevant professional engineering institution(s) for advice. The key steps are:

  1. Contact a professional engineering institution as early as possible
  2. Map your qualification or apprenticeship to the relevant output standards 
  3. Understand the professional engineering institution’s process and requirements
  4. Submission and peer review
  5. Once approved, which is normally for up to five years, remember to seek re-approval 

Learning Outcomes for Approved Qualifications and Apprenticeships

View the Engineering Council's output standards and learning outcomes for the approval of qualifications and apprenticeships

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Approved qualification logo

Find the Approved qualification logo, available for you to use on any material associated with qualifications that are currently approved by a professional engineering institution and are listed on the Engineering Council’s Database of Technician Qualifications

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