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Compensation and condonement

Many UK universities’ examination board rules include some allowance for compensation or condonement of limited failure in one or more modules, where this is compensated by a stronger performance across the programme as a whole.

The Engineering Council has adopted a definition of compensation and condonement, which is set out in our ‘Compensation and Condonement Policy’, for use in consideration of the accreditation of undergraduate and postgraduate engineering degree programmes. 

The Engineering Council has also published a ‘Guidance Note on Compensation and Condonement’, which should be read in conjunction with the ‘Compensation and Condonement Policy’. The Guidance Notes supplements the information provided in the policy and illustrates how the limits on compensation apply in practice. This guidance does not replace or materially alter the ‘Compensation and Condonement Policy’.

The Guidance Note refers to the Learning Outcomes set out in the Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes (AHEP), which is available at 

If you have a query about compensation and condonement, or any other accreditation issue, please contact

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