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Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB)

The Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) is made up of the professional engineering institutions licensed by the Engineering Council to accredit academic programmes for both Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer status. The Engineering Council provides the secretariat for EAB.

The purpose of EAB is to provide a single point of contact to facilitate joint accreditation visits and to encourage consistent accreditation processes and good practice.

As well as carrying out joint accreditation visits, EAB meets three times a year to discuss accreditation-related issues.

EAB visits

EAB accreditation visits may be arranged where a Higher Education Institution (HEI) wants three or more professional engineering institutions to accredit a single degree or a suite of related programmes.  If just one or two professional engineering institution(s) are required for an accreditation visit, please contact the institutions(s) directly.

Those HEIs opting for an EAB visit have one point of contact through the EAB secretariat, receive a single visit to assess their various disciplines or programmes, and complete only one set of submission documents. The HEI will receive one visit report.

Initial steps

HEIs considering a request for an EAB visit should familiarise themselves with the information and documentation on this webpage, particularly the EAB Accreditation Briefing Manual for Educational InstitutionsThis can be found under Useful Documents at the end of this page.

You should complete the EAB Form ACC1 Initial Data Form (this can be downloaded from the link in the EAB initial submission documentation section below) and email it to ideally, 18 months before you would like a visit to take place.

This information will be passed to your specified professional engineering institutions for their consideration. If they are happy to proceed with a visit, the secretariat will contact you to arrange a suitable date.

The full submission documentation is required to be with the EAB secretariat at least 12 weeks before the visit is due to take place.

EAB initial submission documentation, for use with AHEP third edition

Click on the relevant link below to download the initial submission form. Please note these forms are for use with AHEP third edition, a link to which can be found below. 

EAB Form ACC1 Initial Data Form (Word document)

EAB Form ACC1 Initial Data Form for international visits (Word document)


EAB full submission documentation for use with AHEP third edition

Click on the links below to download the full submission form and appendices. Please note these forms are for use with AHEP third edition, a link to which can be found below. 

EAB Form ACC2 - Submission for Accreditation (Word document)

EAB form ACC2 Appendix A – Bachelors degree and integrated Masters degree learning outcomes (pdf)

EAB Form ACC2 Appendix B – Masters degree other than integrated Masters, and EngD learning outcomes (pdf)

EAB Form ACC2A - Methods of Assessment (Word document)

EAB Form ACC2B - Graduation Statistics (Word document)

EAB Form ACC2C - Output Standards Matrix – Bachelors, Bachelor (Honours) and integrated Masters (Excel spreadsheet)

EAB Form ACC2D - Output Standards Matrix – Masters other than integrated Masters, and EngD (Excel spreadsheet)

EAB Form ACC2E - Energy Matrix - To be completed only if the Energy Institute is requested for the visit (Excel spreadsheet)

Charges for an EAB visit

A number of professional engineering institutions currently charge for accreditation visits and/or recover accreditors’ accommodation and travel expenses. These charges vary from institution to institution and charging information can be provided on request.

There is no common policy on charging. It is a matter for an individual professional engineering institution to decide whether or not to make a charge for accreditation.

Note: any requests for EAB visits outside of the UK will be considered on a case by case basis and are likely to be subject to additional charges due to the additional costs involved.

Process for an EAB visit

Please refer to the EAB Visit Process Timeline for an overview of the EAB visit process. This can be found under Useful Documents at the end of this page.

EAB visits usually take place over two days, mid-week during either the autumn or spring term. The secretariat will provide you with a draft timetable in advance of the visit. The visiting panel will review student output such as examinations and coursework; tour the laboratories/facilities and hold discussions with academic staff, support staff and students on matters concerning the content and teaching of the programme(s) being considered for accreditation.

The EAB secretariat will be your main point of contact when arranging an EAB visit and in the case of any queries. Should any institution-specific issues arise; the secretariat will refer these to the professional engineering institution in question to be resolved.

After the visit

Following the visit, the secretariat will produce a visit report and action plan (normally within 6 weeks). You will be asked to check the factual accuracy of the visit report and complete the action plan (usually within 4 weeks).

The visit report and your completed action plan will be sent to the participating professional engineering institutions for consideration by their accreditation committees.

You will receive a final decision letter once all of the institutions have made a decision on accreditation. Due to the varied times at which their committees meet, usually quarterly, this could take several months, or longer, if any of the institutions require additional information before confirming accreditation.

Wherever possible, the EAB secretariat will provide informal feedback on any decisions made in the interim.

An EAB Visit Process Timeline and the EAB visit concordat summarise the post-visit process. These can be found under Useful Documents at the end of this page.

Contact information

For further information about EAB visits, to request a visit or if you have a question about accreditation-related activity, please email the EAB secretariat at:

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Useful Documents

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