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Accreditation of Innovative Provision

The Engineering Council's accreditation criteria can be found in the Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes (AHEP). These focus on outcomes, rather than the mode of provision. This enables the development and accreditation of programmes that are innovative in a range of ways, such as the way they are delivered.

A common myth amongst academia is that accreditation stifles innovative provision.  This is not so.  The accreditation process supports innovation in the delivery and content of engineering degrees.

Universities are encouraged to contact the relevant accrediting professional engineering institution at an early stage in programme development to seek their advice and guidance about meeting accreditation requirements.  This applies to all programmes but is particularly important when something new and innovative is being planned.

Innovative programmes may include a range of providers, the involvement of several departments, or a specific approach to industrial engagement or curriculum delivery. We highlight examples of innovative provision, where these are highlighted to us, through HE Bulletin.

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