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Consultation with our key stakeholders and the building of consensus is a valuable aspect of our stakeholder engagement because it both informs us and helps us to do our work. Effective consultation provides us with vital information about how we can meet the needs of the professional engineering institutions, registrants, profession and society at large. This can result in improvements in the way we regulate the profession and provide assurance to the public.

Our consultations will vary with regard to the intended audience. Whilst some will be directed at identified groups and/or individuals, often parties at licensed members of the Engineering Council, other consultations will be public and made available online.

Current Consultations

There are no current consultations.

Closed Consultations

Guidance on EngC Disciplinary procedures
Please note this is for information only.

Risk-based approach to licensing
Status: Closed
Please note this is for information only.

Standards Review
Status: Closed
Please note this is for information only.

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