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Standards Review consultation

Welcome to the Engineering Council’s second consultation as part of our Standards Review.

We have taken into account the views expressed during our consultation in 2018 and produced revised drafts of:

We want to hear what you think about these drafts. Rather than asking specific questions, we are providing the draft revisions, along with summaries of the significant changes in each draft, and we invite you to review those that are relevant to you and to tell us how well they meet your needs. You might like to note that a summary report of the public consultation we carried out in 2018 is available elsewhere on our website.

The final date for responses is Friday 2 August 2019. We will publish a summary of the responses received to this consultation in due course.

The Privacy Notice covering this consultation sets out how we will use any personal data collected about you through the Standards Review consultation. If you have any questions about the consultation, please email us at

UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC)

UK-SPEC Summary of changes Consultation 2.pdf
UK-SPEC Draft for Consultation 2.pdf

UK-SPEC Response Form

Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes (AHEP)

AHEP Summary of changes Consultation 2.pdf
AHEP (Text) - Draft for Consultation 2.pdf
AHEP Learning Outcomes draft for Consultation 2.pdf
AHEP Qualification Descriptors Consultation 2.pdf

AHEP Response Form

Approval and Accreditation of Qualifications and Apprenticeships Handbook (AAQAH)

AAQAH Summary of changes Consultation 2.pdf
AAQAH (Text) Draft for Consultation 2.pdf
AAQAH Learning Outcomes - Consultation 2.pdf
AAQAH UK-SPEC Competence statements.pdf

AAQAH Response Form

The Engineering Council would like to thank you for contributing to its Standards Review consultation. All the responses will be considered after the consultation deadline of 2 August 2019.  A summary of the responses will be posted in due course on the Engineering Council’s website.


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