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Standards Review consultation

What are we doing
The Engineering Council is currently carrying out our five-yearly review of our Standards, including the requirements for registration as a professional engineer or technician, along with the rules and guidelines for carrying out registration and the processes that support it. These are set out in a series of publications.

How you can contribute
Consultation is central to this review and we are keen to hear from anyone (or any group) who has an interest in the content of the Standard or how it works. You can contribute by answering as many as possible of the questions in the consultation. 

Which sections of the consultation to complete
On this page are links to sections of the consultation, grouped around either a subject area or a Standards publication. To help you identify the areas of particular interest to you the links to each section, below, include a summary of the areas they cover. You are invited to answer any or all of the questions, all of which are optional.

There is a PDF copy of all the consultation questions to help with coordination of responses.

We would greatly value your views on how relevant and simple to complete the consultation was, if you could take a few moments when you have finished to provide some feedback. Thank you.

The consultation closes midnight on 24 October 2018. If you have any comments or questions about the consultation process, please email us at

Thank you for your contribution.
The Engineering Council

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