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Engineering Manager

Reports to/relationship:
Reports to Plant Manager. Manages Manufacturing Systems Engineer, Engineering Stores Controller, Condition Monitoring Specialist, Project and Process Engineers. Internal contacts: Plant manager, Brewing Manager, Packaging Manager, Packaging Engineer, Brewing and Utilities Engineers, Maintenance Controllers and Planners, Quality Assurance Manager, Site services Engineer, Chief Engineer and HR Manager. External contacts: Suppliers, Contractors, OEM’s, local authorities and HUB Consultants.

Description of role/main purpose of job:
To ensure optimum utilisation of plant through effective asset care, in a safe work environment, to produce quality product at minimum cost which meets customer requirements while complying with legislation.

Multinational Brewing and Beverage (Nigeria)

Recommended academic qualifications/experience:
Qualified mechanical or electrical engineer with additional business qualification. Two – three years’ experience required as Packaging or Brewing & Utilities Engineer, plus minimum of three months on the job training. Must be a registered engineer.


Necessary skills, experience and competence

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