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2018 International Registration Fees

2018 European Engineer Fees

 Title Application  Renewal (5 yearly)  Retired/Hardship Renewal (5 yearly) *
 EUR ING  £210.00  £54.00  £27.00
*Criteria for the payment of reduced fees are at the discretion of the Engineering Council  

The Engineering Council will invite those with the EUR ING title to re-register every five years.

Please note that the above fees are for applications received in 2018 for submission to panel meetings occurring in 2018.  If an application is received after the last panel meeting, please email for confirmation of the fees required.

2018 International Register Fees

Title  Application Renewal (5 yearly)
IntET(UK) £105.00 £60.00
IntPE(UK) £105.00 £60.00

IntPE(UK) and IntET(UK) registration is renewable every five years. Renewal requires demonstration of continued responsibility of significant engineering work and CPD for the period.

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