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Confirm an engineer or technician is registered with the Engineering Council

Please use RegCheck to confirm if an engineer or technician is currently registered with the Engineering Council.

To search, you will need the engineer or technician’s date of birth, registration number or both. Because there are over 200,000 professional registered engineers and technicians (some with the same name) these two pieces of data are required to identify a specific person.

Being professionally registered means that an engineer or technician’s competence has been independently assessed against internationally-recognised standards. It also means they have committed to maintain and enhance their competence, and to behave in a sustainable, ethical way. When an engineer or technician becomes professionally registered, they attain one of the following titles:


What RegCheck can and cannot do:

[To display below returned data]

If you did not get the search result you expected, this does not necessarily mean the engineer/technician you are searching for isn’t registered. Please contact our Registration team at for help.


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