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Lottie Dolls on tour with Women’s Engineering Society volunteers

Published: 03/11/2020

Lottie Tour - doll in hard hat at Star Refrigeration in front of huge blue machineryThis week volunteers from the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) are posting photos on social media of Lottie dolls at work in a wide range of engineering jobs. The tour forms part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (2–6 November) and helps demonstrate the breadth of engineering careers. Volunteers are sharing the photos on social media using the hashtag #WESLottieTour.

Participating engineering companies include Airbus, Ramboll and WSP, as well as many UK universities. Through use of a Lottie doll, the campaign aims to spark children’s imaginations about what a career in engineering could look like.

Manufacturers of the dolls, Arklu, donated the dolls to participating WES volunteers. As safety is everyone’s responsibility, the dolls come with specially made PPE including lab coats, safety glasses, high vis jackets and hard hats. Volunteers can also download a virtual Lottie from the Lottie Tour website and take part in a virtual version.

Arklu CEO Ian Harkin said, “#TEWeek with #WESLottieTour is my favourite campaign that we do with Lottie each year, the power of visually seeing women and men in their work places doing their jobs is inspiring so many girl and boys each year to consider careers in Engineering – or any STEM career for that matter. Reading about a career is one thing but following someone during their week as they perform their tasks gives a real world insight that’s both fun and educational.”

Lottie doll in hard hat on building site around huge steel beamsThis year is the fifth time Lottie has gone on tour, though as many are working from home, this has led to some changes. Volunteers have been encouraged to show what their engineering careers look like when they’re working from home, as well as expanding into other projects related to engineering, such as DIY.

WES Lottie Tour is organised by members of the WES Early Careers Board (ECB); Kate Mactear and Vera Ngosi-Sambrook. Vera said:

“This has been a challenging year for many of us, and we have had to adapt to new ways of working. We are looking forward to seeing the innovative ways that engineers have continued to do their work remotely through this year's Lottie Tour”.

CEO Elizabeth Donnelly said:  

“The Women’s Engineering Society is delighted that we are holding the Fifth Lottie Tour. This year has been challenging for engineers, having to deal with working from home and also adapting their sites and processes to help with the pandemic. It will be lovely to see Lottie working during the pandemic, whether at home, in the lab or on the factory floor, and to see her working on domestic projects. This year we hope that Lottie can show how engineers can adapt to many situations and also support the effort to eradicate the virus.”  

For more information see the Lottie Tour website or follow WES on Twitter.