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HE Bulletin - Winter 2018

Compensation and condonement policy

Published: 05/12/2018

The Engineering Council has agreed wording for rules on compensation and condonement in consideration of the accreditation of undergraduate and postgraduate engineering degrees. Commencing with accreditation visits taking place in the 2019/20 academic year, the accrediting professional engineering institutions will look for adherence to these rules and will, initially, make recommendations to universities where regulations do not align with the rules.

Departments receiving recommendations regarding compensation and condonement will be expected to take an approach that is in line with the rules before reaccreditation is due. Nonconformity to the rules at subsequent visits will result in requirements being made in order for accreditation to be considered. See the Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes for accreditation procedures.

The full policy is available on the Engineering Council website. The definitions contained may be different from those used within every Higher Education Institution (HEI).