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EAB Activity

EAB Activity

Published: 14/06/2016

The Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) facilitates joint degree accreditation visits involving several professional engineering institutions, where there is commonality between the degree programmes being considered. Four EAB accreditation visits have been undertaken so far in 2016, reviewing 38 programmes across a range of engineering disciplines. Two further visits are scheduled for later this year and three early in 2017. The Engineering Council provides the secretariat for EAB.

A university seeking accreditation for degrees where there is commonality between programmes may be interested in a joint institution visit, arranged by EAB. Universities are responsible for requesting accreditation and should do so well in advance. Accreditors’ diaries can fill up more than a year ahead, and it will take a number of months after a visit for an accreditation decision to be confirmed. It is important to note that accredited degrees taught from September 2016 must align with the current third edition of Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes (AHEP). To find out more about arranging a joint EAB accreditation visit, please contact Seán Hogan at

EAB would like to remind universities that an EAB visit to a single site will not normally support accreditation of collaborative or franchised programmes. The EAB Secretariat should be contacted separately if accreditation is sought for degree programmes that are delivered collaboratively, on a franchised basis, or in multiple locations (except for distance learning). If a University awards degrees that are delivered in more than one location, it must be clear from degree certificates and/or transcripts where an individual completed their degree.