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HE Bulletin - December 2015

Promotion of accredited degrees

Published: 01/12/2015

Universities have a responsibility to ensure that the information published about the accreditation status of their degree programmes is accurate. This information is reviewed as part of accreditation activity. Programmes that have not yet been accredited for future student intakes are sometimes inaccurately promoted as accredited. Timeliness of university requests for accreditation visits is important to avoid gaps in accreditation. Universities with multiple campuses or partnership arrangements are reminded that accreditation of programmes delivered in one location does not mean that programmes with the same titles delivered elsewhere are accredited. The Engineering Council and professional engineering institutions have been made aware of degrees offered by international partners or campuses of UK universities being promoted as accredited when only programmes delivered in the UK are accredited. Where a degree is offered in multiple locations the delivery centre needs be clear on degree certificates and/or transcripts.