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HE Bulletin - December 2015

Accreditation visits

Published: 01/12/2015

The Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) facilitates joint two day accreditation visits involving several professional engineering institutions to look at programmes with sufficient commonality. Six EAB accreditation visits were held in 2015 to review 76 programmes, and at least six least will be held in 2016. The EAB Briefing Manual for Education Institutions has been updated this year and provides important information for universities planning a visit. If there are programmes with commonality for which you are seeking accreditation from multiple professional engineering institutions you may be interested in a joint accreditation visit. To schedule a visit email an initial data form including a choice of dates (visits are held over two days, Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday) to ideally a year or more ahead of when you would like the visit to take place. You are reminded that accredited degrees taught from September 2016 must align with the current (third) edition of Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes published on 20 May 2014. Degree accreditation is on request and universities are reminded that such requests should be made well in advance of any existing accreditation expiring. This is important as accreditors’ diaries can fill up more than a year ahead, and time needs to be allowed for the decision-making process, typically several months. This impacts on your university’s ability to make accurate statements about the accredited status of programmes in promotional literature etc. which tends to be prepared well in advance.