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Engage - March 2019

This is Engineering

Published: 06/03/2019

This is Engineering is a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) campaign, designed to bring engineering to life for young people and demonstrate the possibilities of a career in engineering.  

The latest series of films were launched in January, profiling young people who have used their passions and skills to forge careers across the engineering profession, from live broadcast to Lush bath products.

The next group of engineers were introduced in January, and together they are proof of the possibilities of a career in engineering.

Olivia Sweeney has turned a lifelong interest in sustainability into a career with Lush cosmetics as an Aroma Chemicals Creative Buyer, using her chemical engineering skills to create the natural and synthetic chemicals used in Lush products, all in an ethical and sustainable way.

Jahangir Shah was always known as the ‘techie’ one at school, taking things and putting them back together from a young age. He has taken this hobby and turned it into a career as a broadcast engineer with the BBC, making sure everything stays on while everyone is watching.

Halvard Grimstad wants to revolutionise the way we use robots on our farms, to help feed as many people as possible. Using the creativity he learnt growing up with Lego and his skills as a robotics engineer, he is making practical real-world changes to the way we produce food.

Sophie Harker  fell in love with the idea of being an astronaut at 16, and a meeting with a role model showed her that engineering was one way to achieve her dream. She now spends her days as a Aerodynamics and Performance Engineer, creating cutting edge designs for some of the most modern technology on earth.