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Engineering Technicians (EngTech)

Lloyd Clough EngTech MICE

Published: 01/04/2016

Education and qualifications: National Diploma in Civil Engineering, Currently studying BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering
Which Institution are you a member of: Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
Grade of membership: Technician Member
Current job title: Technician Company: Morrish Consulting Engineers
Length in current job: 4.5 years

Please briefly describe your current role and a typical working day
I generate structural designs and detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, including models for analysis on larger projects. I am also a STEM ambassador, for which I work closely with local schools and colleges to enthuse students and help spread understanding of the various pathways into a career in engineering. I am also studying part-time for a BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering at London South Bank University.

What is the greatest challenge you face in your job?
The increasing time restraints on projects are a challenge. This puts real pressure on the design team, and sometimes the engineers themselves, to complete their designs in time to meet the project programme.

What do you most enjoy about your job? Being able to solve problems and help people. For me, these are the two most rewarding things I could want from a career. I also like seeing my designs built and used by whoever occupies them.

Please provide a brief outline of your career so far
In 2011, having finished my AS-Levels, I approached Morrish for work experience. After just one week learning the basics of CAD and operations in a design office I thought this was something I’d like to pursue as a career. I then received a training agreement and job offer from Morrish, I was very lucky! I know these opportunities are rare. I studied at Norwich City College for my National Diploma whilst working at the company four days a week, and am now studying part-time for my Bachelor’s Degree.

What made you choose this career path?
At school I was in the Air Training Corps and was always fascinated by the RAF and engineering in general. My stepfather is a site manager for one of Morrish’s clients and he would always bring technical drawings home which I was very interested in. The introduction to Morrish Consulting Engineers came from there.

What spurred you to work towards gaining professional registration as an EngTech?
I explored the various qualifications and titles you can gain as an engineer and joining the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) was the natural option for me. I researched my eligibility for the different registration grades and discovered that becoming an Engineering Technician (EngTech) with the Engineering Council required a National Diploma as an educational base, so I began to record my professional development and any small gems of knowledge I picked up through my working days at Morrish.

How did you become registered as an EngTech?
I followed the recommendations from ICE, completing a variety of development objectives, which ensured I was developing the relevant engineering skills and qualities. This was great advice. By focusing on specific objectives I really pushed myself and by ticking them off as I achieved them I began to realise how much progress I was making. This process provided tangible evidence of my competence.

How has achieving EngTech benefitted your career?
Having achieved EngTech and gained these post-nominals, it gives me confidence to have technical conversations with my peers. As a recognised mark of professionalism, it helps to generate an immediate level of trust with clients.

I also think it has helped me to develop more quickly as a training engineer by giving me the drive to learn more and meet other young professionals going for the same level. I would recommend it to anyone.

What advice would you give someone considering professional registration as an EngTech?
Go for it! Becoming professionally registered is so worthwhile for yourself and the company you work for and I would advise starting as early as possible, before other commitments potentially delay you.

What is your employer’s attitude? Were they supportive while you were working towards professional registration as an EngTech?
My employer has been incredibly supportive. Morrish has given me huge opportunities so far, including a placement in China through university, for which I cannot thank them enough. Their ethos is to develop everyone’s careers as much as possible which has helped me endlessly. I think it is important to have a supportive company and sponsors who want you to succeed as much as you do.

How does your employer benefit from you being professionally registered?
It raises the professional profile of the company as a whole and shows a commitment to professional standards.

How do you feel about winning the Jean Venables Medal for newly qualified Engineering Technicians?
I’m absolutely ecstatic is all I can say. Never did I think I would be nominated for such an award, let alone win! After my review my two professional reviewers were very kind with their feedback and told me they had put me forward for the medal. When I found out I had made it to the final, whatever the outcome, I was overwhelmed that I had made it that far. The final involved another interview with ICE Standard Panellists. At the time I was working on a very interesting project at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest, and I was excited to be able to present on this at the interview. I was told that it was my enthusiasm and dedication to the ‘extra-curricular’ work I do that brought me out on top. I really have to thank Morrish again for allowing me to be part of such an interesting project.

What are your future goals?
My current goal is to achieve the highest possible mark in my BEng (Hons). After completing this I wish apply for Incorporated Engineer with the ICE. Longer term, once I have gained further experience, I would be keen to carry out Technician Professional Reviews for the Institution. My work will continue with Morrish and I hope to get increasingly involved with design projects. I am also committed to my role as a STEM ambassador, aiding schools and colleges as much as I can.

Lloyd Clough EngTech MICE
Registered: 2015





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