All Engineering Council registrants make a commitment to maintaining and enhancing their competence. In practice, this means undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  The requirement is set out in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC), and the obligation is explained below in the CPD Code for Registrants.

CPD Code for Registrants

Engineering Technicians, Incorporated Engineers, Chartered Engineers and ICT Technicians should take all necessary steps to maintain and enhance their competence through CPD. In particular they should:

  1. Take ownership of their learning and development needs, and develop a plan to indicate how they might meet these, in discussion with their employer, as appropriate.
  2. Undertake a variety of development activities, both in accordance with this plan and in response to other opportunities which may arise.
  3. Record their CPD activities.
  4. Reflect upon what they have learned or achieved through their CPD activities and record these reflections.
  5. Evaluate their CPD activities against any objectives which they have set and record this evaluation.
  6. Review their learning and development plan regularly following reflection and assessment of future needs.
  7. Support the learning and development of others through activities such as mentoring, and sharing professional expertise and knowledge.

Please note that the Code does not specify a minimum amount of time to be spent on CPD each year. Instead, it focuses on the outputs of CPD activity: maintenance and enhancement of competence appropriate to the individual and his/her job role. CPD requirements for engineers and technicians will vary according to their discipline and the stage of their career.

Professional Engineering Institutions offer guidance on appropriate CPD activities for their members. They may also directly offer opportunities for CPD. Institutions may require members to provide plans and/or records of their CPD. 

The Engineering Council’s ‘CPD Policy Statement’ obliges Institutions to support their registrants’ CPD in various ways. This can be downloaded from the right of this page. 

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