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Important information about accredited courses – please read before starting your search

The Engineering Council holds details of academic qualifications that partially or fully satisfy the education requirement for IEng and CEng registration.  

What accredited status means

Accredited engineering degrees offer students, their parents and advisors, and employers a mark of assurance that the degree programme meets the standards defined and set by the engineering profession. They also provide confidence that some or all of the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills for eventual registration with a licensed professional engineering institution have been met.

Engineering employers as well as academics are involved in the setting of standards, in reviewing degrees and in the decision-making process about whether to confer accredited degree status. 

The engineering degrees listed on this database have been accredited by one or more of the professional engineering institutions. The period of accreditation is normally five years and, except where otherwise stated, the dates apply to the intake year, ie the year of enrolment on a degree programme.  Accredited status is subject to periodic review normally every five years.  If a degree is not re-accredited, students already on an accredited programme will not be disadvantaged and can expect guidance and support from the accrediting professional engineering institution.

Degree Transcripts/Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEAR)

Some entries on the accredited courses database include specific requirements in the public note section.  Employers and accreditation agencies with specific requirements, for example about which modules are studied, may also wish to ask for an individual’s degree transcript or Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) to check such details.

Honours degrees and IEng (dual accreditation)

All honours degrees accredited for CEng registration from intake year 1999 also meet the requirements for standard route IEng registration and Sydney Accord recognition.

Can’t find the degree course?

If you are interested in a degree that is not listed here, you are advised to contact the university to confirm its accreditation status.  It is possible that there has recently been an accreditation visit and a decision is pending, or that the university is about to apply for accredited status for the degree.  Occasionally, accreditation may be backdated.  However, it is not a requirement that an engineering degree is accredited and sometimes a university decides not to seek this.

Higher National qualifications (HNC/HND)

These qualifications are not listed on this searchable database.  HNCs and HNDs which have been accredited can be found under useful documents on the right hand side titled 'Accredited Higher National Certificates and Diplomas’. The document ‘Higher Nationals’ also under useful documents explains their status for registration.  

Recognised courses

If you achieved your qualification some time ago, it may be listed as a recognised course.  This means it is deemed to be equivalent to an accredited course and fully satisfies the education requirement for IEng/CEng as noted in the individual course record.  The recognised course search is accessed via useful links.

EngTech and ICTTech qualifications and programmes

These are now held on a separate database which can be found here.